Unlock Clock Studios Chests in Honkai: Star Rail Guide

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The article discusses the exploration of the Clock Studios Theme Park in Honkai: Star Rail. It outlines the process of unlocking the park, encountering boss fights, and discovering treasure chest locations. The guide provides a detailed route to claim all the chests, as well as solutions f


Exploring Clock Studios Theme Park

In Honkai: Star Rail, unlocking the Clock Studios theme park requires players to advance significantly in the main trailblaze mission. This is also where players will encounter the Aventurine boss fight, adding an element of drama to the experience.

Once players have overcome the challenges and can freely explore the theme park, they will discover that it contains various unsafe zones, including the location of a warp trotter. To aid players in their exploration and quest to claim all the treasure chests in Clock Studios theme park, this guide provides an effective route to reach them all.

Key features of Clock Studios theme park in Honkai: Star Rail:- Unlocks after significant progress in the main trailblaze mission- Setting for the Aventurine boss fight, adding drama to the gameplay experience- Contains unsafe zones and a warp trotter location- Treasure chest locations are scattered throughout the theme park

Exploring Clock Studios theme park:- Players must advance significantly in the main trailblaze mission to unlock the theme park- Encounter the Aventurine boss fight, which adds excitement to the gameplay- Discover unsafe zones within the theme park, including the location of a warp trotter- Guide provides an effective route to reach all treasure chest locations


To uncover all the treasure chests in Clock Studios Theme Park in Honkai: Star Rail, follow these steps:

  • Teleport to the Theme Park Entrance Space Anchor to claim chests #1, #2, and #3.
  • Proceed to the jigsaw between chest #2 and #3 and activate the puzzle. Acquire the puzzle pieces in the labyrinth to claim chest #4 and the warp trotter, then return to the jigsaw to complete the puzzle.
  • Navigate through the labyrinth, which will now be filled with Mr. Stone Balloons. Destroy every balloon along the path to achieve the Pac-Man achievement and discover chest #5.
  • Utilize the Bubble Pinball Machine to traverse to the next section of Clock Studios Theme Park. Claim chest #6 near the Crimson Calyx, then use the Bubble Pinball again to reach chest #7 and earn the Secret Party achievement.
  • Return to the previous section and solve the second jigsaw puzzle. Head to the Lordly Trashcan nearby and select option 3 and option 3 to claim the reward without engaging in combat.To explore the area fully, activate Hanu's adventure mode to access chest #11. As Hanu, claim chest #8 located behind some billboards. Then, find a rocket launcher and use it to destroy the firework, revealing a secret room containing chest #9. Use the blue rocket to warp up and obtain chest #10. Revert to normal form, activate the jigsaw, and then transform into Hanu again to collect the jigsaw pieces.

After completing Hanu's adventure, players can claim chest #11 and open the locked door. Chests #12 to #15 can be found in the area. Utilize the bubble pinball machine to reach chests #16 to #18, and use another bubble pinball machine to access chests #19 to #21. Reactivate Hanu's adventure to obtain chests #22 to #24, then exit the adventure to collect the final chests, #25 to #27.

To soothe the lordly trashcan in this area, select option 1 and option 2.





Bubble Pinball Puzzle Solution

To successfully navigate the bubble pinball machine puzzle in Honkai: Star Rail - Clock Studios Theme Park, follow these steps:

  • Utilize the bubble pinball solution to progress from chest #5 to #6.
  • Implement the bubble pinball solution to advance from chest #6 to #7.
  • Follow the bubble pinball solution to move from chest #15 to #16.
  • Use the bubble pinball solution to proceed from chest #18 to #19.


The warp trotter in Clock Studios Theme Park can be located within the labyrinth garden, situated at the center of the park in Honkai: Star Rail.


In Clock Studios Theme Park in the game Honkai: Star Rail, players will encounter two Lordly Trashcans. To successfully interact with the "Hanu-Obsessed Bucket," players must select option 3 for both of its questions. The first question is "What would Hanu do if he was besieged by enemies?" and the answer is to "let out a grunt that sounds cool" (option 3). The second question is "What do you think Hanu would do at this point?" and the answer is again to "let out a grunt that sounds cool" (option 3).

The "Dramatic Bucket" does not ask a question but requires players to ensure their safety by affirming that they are the contact for the soulglad. Players must respond with "I'm your contact" (option 1).

Furthermore, players must provide the passphrase for the transaction with the "Dramatic Bucket." The correct response is "Soulglad above all!" (option 2) after being asked to confirm the passphrase for the transaction.

Oneiric Shard: Usage and Acquisition

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